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This person is back, and wants to know why she was banned and also why she couldn't access the site for a week. (Because you were banned. Duh. How do you not get that? THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE TWO. IT IS SO SIMPLY. WHY. WHY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!)

Anyway, she just wants us all to know that her terrible RPing, lack of civility, topic-hijacking issues, disregard of common sense rules, etc. is all not her fault because she's just lol stupid and weird that's just how she is also she was abused as a child. Because apparently being abused as a child makes you a terrible online roleplayer. It all makes sense now.

Also she wanted to let us know that being banned and us being mad at her makes her shake and cry and feel jabbing pains and keeps her up at night. Because she thought we were her FRIENDS!!!!1111one

(Honestly, I do feel bad for her. I do. But at this point the whole board just wants to see her gone. We explain time and time and time again WHAT SHE IS DOING wrong and she clearly just does NOT COMPREHEND WHAT SHE READS. It's come to the point where we can't possibly explain things to her in a more simple way: put more thought into your IC posts, don't mix up IC and OOC, don't cuss out other members, don't make excuses. Yet she still doesn't get it. She stands by her excuses, keeps PMing them to random board members who she hopes will take up her cause, and just now posted IC to a topic "guys i have to ask: what's going on in here?" WTF? The thread is only 6 pages long. JUST READ IT. Don't just pop in on the plot and ask us to drop everything to explain what's going on to you. IT'S RIGHT FREAKING THERE. READ IT.)
Hey...is that MY name?

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I got a fish. A blue Siamese Fighter with red streaks. Very pretty boy. Kind of dumb, though. He's always trying to swim through the glass. Seely feeshy.

I named him Fang.

Good...then Bad

You know what blows? Having a talented new RPer come onto your dying RP board and they start up an interesting character and amazing, important plot that involves everyone and all the players are excited about it.
And then, they leave. And since their character was the orchestrator of the plot, the plot dies too. And thus the board sinks back into dead-ville.

Gah. If you're going to start up an enormous, world-changing plot centering around your character...don't just get bored and leave after 2 weeks! WE NEED YOU. And once you leave, we have to try and find a way to explain IC why your character is suddenly gone and the world-changing war is all gone now! ARGH!

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So...some folks were waiting in line at the local Walmart for the PS3. Some robbers showed up and tried to steal everyone's money...and some guys said no. So they shot him. In the shoulder.


I Figured I Should Probably Post Something In This Journal, Finally.

So...I voted recently for the first time ever. Yay for being 18.

In my town, we have to go in this giant metal box without any directions at all. Then we are faced with a big lever and a bunch of little metal tabs.

You pull the big lever and the curtain behind you closes. Then, you find the little metal tab that lines up with the name of your candidate of choice and poke it. It doesn't stay down, though. You push it and it pops right back up without letting you know whether or not it acctually...counted or something. Then, you pull the big lever again and the curtain opens again and you walk away.

I still have no idea as to whether or not I acctually voted. What ever happened to "pen" and "paper"? And how do I use that machine if I want to WRITE IN a candidate?
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